How to Give Your Employees the Training They Want

Imagine you could time travel back to a just a decade ago and observe the typical day of someone working in your industry. Chances are the way they communicated, organized their work day, and pursued their strategic goals would be very different from how you work now.

We’ve adopted new technologies, structured our work days differently, and changed the way we define and measure success. So, why are so many companies still running training the way they always have?

The world is new, and it’s changing rapidly. You want your employees to be evolving, too — and the quickest way to keep pace with change is to build thoughtful, adaptive employee education into the very fabric of your company.

But, all this training will only work if you have employee buy-in. If your employees are unconvinced of the value of a training, bored by its contents, or distracted by pressing work, they won’t learn much, no matter how fantastic your training is.

Here’s how to give your employees the training they want.