Great training is the cornerstone of great companies.  Save money by developing a talented team fast.  Through our proven process we will determine:

  • what each person needs to know
  • how to measure whether they know what they need to
  • what action we take if they do not know it

These fundamentals are the foundation to analyze your current state of training and help customize a training process that has the power to revolutionize your company.


Blended learning combines the power of instructor led instruction AND e-learning. A blended or hybrid approach speeds up the process of training by reinforcing one method with the other.  It is the solution to generational diversity as it allows for traditional and state-of-the-art elearning.  This is the key for companies who do not want to move 100% away from live training, but still want to utilize eLearning to create pre foundational knowledge or post live training reinforcement.


eLearning gives you more for less.  Save money on hotels, flights, and venues, but still increase the amount of knowledge retained. eLearning is revolutionizing the boundaries of where we can gain and demonstrate new information.   Using the most innovative technology combined with research-proven eLearning delivery methods, we create highly engaging and interactive eLearning.


Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide organizations with real data to report the effectiveness of their training, and create custom experiences for each learner.  Through our proprietary LMS selection, we help to choose and implement an effective and easy-to-use LMS.  We then build highly-personalized learning plans catered for each individual.  People learn what they need to, and companies can track exactly what is learned.


Webinars allow participants geographic freedom to participate in an interactive live learning experience!  You can turn participants into clients by using webinars as a marketing tool.  Show clients how to use your amazing product and let us help design that learning experience. Also, use Webinars/VILT to transform “death by PowerPoint ®” meetings or trainings into virtual interactive experiences. Webinars are one of the most cost and learning effective methods available in the world today.


Well-designed, ILT is one of the most effective techniques for creating long-term learning.  

Every seminar, workshop, and classroom learning experience our team designs and delivers focuses on three essential E’s:  Engage, Experience and Evaluate.  

Engage: We know the more participants move and speak, the more participants learn.  

Experience:  We build learning experiences focused on Problem Based Learning (PBL), Simulations,

Evaluation: We believe it’s not about an end of seminar exam  pass/fail grade. Our proprietary evaluation process is about asking the right questions, before during and after the learning event to ensure every learning experience caters to the needs of individual learners.  


Save money and headaches by training your new employees the right way.  Increase information retention rates by 75% with the most innovative learning techniques out there.  

Effective OnBoarding means hiring based on someone’s values and character, and then training them to be the employee you need. It means salespeople sell faster, products are developed more quickly, etc. In order to accomplish this the training experience must be engaging, interactive, and have real application.  IMPART! helps create a masterfully effective and efficient OnBoarding process