“I Wish We’d Brought Impart in Sooner”

How Envision Saved $150K Annually and Increased Their Training Satisfaction Scores with Impart Learning Solutions

Envision knows a lot about education. They create unforgettable learning experiences for elementary, middle and high school, and college students on a wide range of topics, from medicine to media, from STEM to civics. They hold summer courses in locations across the globe. Each year, they need to train 800-900 seasonal employees to teach these summer courses. 

And though the Envision team are education experts, like many organizations, they were having trouble structuring their own learning and development programs. They struggled to organize the vast amount of educational content they needed to deliver to hundreds of seasonal employees. What’s more, each of their 20 education programs had different training needs, so Envision was searching for a way to both provide broad, comprehensive onboarding on company-wide policies and expectations and deliver more nuanced training specific to certain subjects. 

“Training fell within HR, and they were really under-resourced. We had this conundrum every year: how do we train all these people effectively and efficiently?,” said Charmaine Stafford, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience. “We tried so many different models. It wasn’t until we brought Impart in that we were able to figure out a system that worked for us.”

By partnering with Impart Learning Solutions, Envision was saved $150K annually on their training program, reduced their in-person onboarding period by an entire day, and improved their training satisfaction scores.